Little Mermaid Table

Make a splash with this Little Mermaid inspired table setup!

The Little Mermaid has been many girl’s favorite princess growing up and we wanted to bring out everyone’s inner mermaid with this cute Ariel inspired table. We had a lot of fun putting this table together.

Little Mermaid Table

What we used:

Little Mermaid Napkin

For the napkins we struggled a little bit to find a napkin folding that would match this theme. We went to Pinterest and found a leaf folded napkin and really liked the way it looked. We then realized that we can fold the top and round it off to look just like a shell.

Little Mermaid Table Placecards

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Roses, Linens, & Napkins


For this week’s table we decided to go all out with flowers and roses. We started the concept with just the beautiful rosette linen. Then we added in the crystal candelabra and realized it needed some color. That’s when the little flowers came into place. After adding in the china, glassware, and flatware we noticed that it still needed something to bring the plates and table all together. We then went to Pinterest and found an easy rose folded napkin DIY.


Like this look? Here is what we used:


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Garland Table


Lately many people have been using garlands for their big events. Garlands can make any simple table stand out and seem like there was a lot of effort put into it. It’s also an affordable alternative to floral arrangements. Garlands look really nice hanging on backdrops and tables and they even smell really good. Another plus is that they can last pretty long without going bad, meaning you can decorate around the house with them after the big day!

Here is how we set up our garland in our show room. We wanted to go for a fairy theme so we added a lantern and some lights.


Like this look? Here is what we used:


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