Warm Leafy Table

Happy Fall Fall has approached us rapidly but the weather on the other hand has just finally caught up. Here at American Event Rentals we decided to redo the showroom and make it feel more cozy & “fally”. Here is one of the first tables we did, warm, cozy & leafy. We started off with a chocolate linen & then went to Dollar Tree to find more fall decor items that can make the table POP. We found a nice red leaf table mat & we decided to pull from that concept and just focus on leaves. The vase from the centerpiece is also from Dollar Tree & we decided to continue with the leaf concept and use leaves for the vase instead of flowers.

fall-napkin For the china, we used our platinum band dinner plates. For the napkins we used Victorian Gold Lamour napkins. We did an accordion fold and then folded it in half and put it through a napkin ring. If we you don’t have a napkin ring, you can easily use a rubber band to tie it in the center. After using a napkin ring or rubber band to keep the napkin fold just tape a leaf in the center as the final touch.

chair-leaves For the chairs we chose to use or elegant crystal chiavari chairs. We used fishing line to string some leaves through the chairs. Adding leaves to your table can make it feel cozier and more into the fall season.


Like this look? Here is how to get it:

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DIY: Pumpkin Vase


Let’s get into the fall season with any easy DIY centerpiece! This piece can be used as a centerpiece for a party, event or just to decorate around the house! It’s a nice way to add those fall warm tones around the house or an event.


  • Pumpkin
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Glass Container (smaller than the pumpkin) or tin can
  • Knife


  1. Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin (You can use the container as a measurement on how big to cut it)
  2. Scoop out pulp and seeds
  3. Place your container inside the hole you just made
  4. Trim the bottom of your flowers and place inside your new vase!

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Pictured here: Bavarian Baroque Dinner Plate, Champagne Embassy Traditional, Gold Linen Napkin,


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