St. Patrick’s Day Table

St. Patrick’s Day Table

Pots of Gold
if the truth be told,
are simply tales
left over from yore

you will be sure to find
a ton of
of friends and fun
with our St. Patrick’s Table decor.

Like this look? Here is how to get it:

We’re sending luck & love your way, so come on over to get your rentals & celebrate!

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Outdoor Fall Table

Outdoor Fall Table

Fall table at American Event Rentals. Perfect for Thanksgiving party or an outside event. For our 2nd fall table we decided to go with something that is a little more casual and would look really nice outside. This table setup is perfect for a Thanksgiving party or any outdoor fall event! The chairs and centerpiece are what make this table look more laid back and relaxed for an outside event. The centerpiece was really easy to make and it didn’t cost more than $6 to make! All the materials we used were purchased from Dollar Tree. We bought a small candle stick and a 9″ cylinder vase. We glued the candle stick to the bottom of the vase to add more height to this piece. After, we got some hay and put it in the vase to add in texture. Instead of using flowers, we bought two bouquets of leaves to add it to the vase. We then tied a brown ribbon around the vase that we had found in our showroom. To add in color we decided to add in loose leaves and these cute floral pumpkins. We found an easy tutorial on Pinterest on how to fold napkins in a leaf shape. This was a really fun and easy table to create!
Fall table at American Event Rentals. Perfect for Thanksgiving party or an outside event. Like this look? Here is how to get it:

Fall table at American Event Rentals. Perfect for Thanksgiving party or an outside event.

Make sure to visit our blog soon to see our next fall table!

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Roses, Linens, & Napkins


For this week’s table we decided to go all out with flowers and roses. We started the concept with just the beautiful rosette linen. Then we added in the crystal candelabra and realized it needed some color. That’s when the little flowers came into place. After adding in the china, glassware, and flatware we noticed that it still needed something to bring the plates and table all together. We then went to Pinterest and found an easy rose folded napkin DIY.


Like this look? Here is what we used:


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Garland Table


Lately many people have been using garlands for their big events. Garlands can make any simple table stand out and seem like there was a lot of effort put into it. It’s also an affordable alternative to floral arrangements. Garlands look really nice hanging on backdrops and tables and they even smell really good. Another plus is that they can last pretty long without going bad, meaning you can decorate around the house with them after the big day!

Here is how we set up our garland in our show room. We wanted to go for a fairy theme so we added a lantern and some lights.


Like this look? Here is what we used:


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Mother’s Day Picture Frame Centerpiece

Simple Table setup

Have you gotten your Mother’s day gifts yet? Mother’s Day is right around the corner and before you know it the day will be here and you will still be left with no gift. This happens many times because one may not know what gift to get. Luckily for you we put together an easy DIY gift. This picture frame centerpiece is the perfect gift because it is personalized and made with love for the one you care about. You can choose whether you want to use quotes like we did or photos for a more personalized look.

Watch how we set up this simple beautiful table here!


  • 4 Picture Frames
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pictures or quotes
  • Vase preferably the size of the picture frames
  • Flowers


Step 1:

Outline your photo or quote to the size of the the frames and cut them out.



Step 2:

Put all photos or quotes in the picture frames.



Step 3:

Glue the edges of the frames to each other to create a box.



Step 4:

Place vase inside the frame box and place flowers in the vase right after. If the flowers are real add water so they last longer. We chose fake ones so they last even longer.



“A mother is like a flower, each one beautiful and unique.”

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Choosing Colors for Your Event

Pink Lemonade
Sometimes picking colors for an event can be really tricky. You have to make sure the colors you choose compliment each other well and not clash and be too much for the eye. Usually complimentary colors, colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel work well. Analogous colors work well with each other as well, colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. So why not look around you and get inspiration from your surroundings? Use the season the event is in as inspiration to set the mood.

Here we got inspiration from many people’s favorite drink, pink lemonade! The colors here work well with each other because they are warm pastel colors. The magenta adds in a nice pop of color on the center piece and brings everything together.

Want to get this look?
Maize Polyester Table Runner
Pastel Pink Polyester Table Linen
White Polyester Napkins
Silver Charger Plates
10″ Simply White Dinner Plate
Sheer Rim Refined Water Goblet
Embassy Champagne
White Resin Folding Chair
36″ Round Table

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DIY: Pumpkin Vase


Let’s get into the fall season with any easy DIY centerpiece! This piece can be used as a centerpiece for a party, event or just to decorate around the house! It’s a nice way to add those fall warm tones around the house or an event.


  • Pumpkin
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Glass Container (smaller than the pumpkin) or tin can
  • Knife


  1. Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin (You can use the container as a measurement on how big to cut it)
  2. Scoop out pulp and seeds
  3. Place your container inside the hole you just made
  4. Trim the bottom of your flowers and place inside your new vase!

We hope you enjoyed this easy DIY project! If you tried this out make sure to share and tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest!

Pictured here: Bavarian Baroque Dinner Plate, Champagne Embassy Traditional, Gold Linen Napkin,


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