Valentine’s Day Table

Valentine’s Day Serpentine Table

If you’re looking to make your event stand out then our 6’ serpentine tables are perfect for you. These tables add a whimsical feel and you can arrange multiple tables to create arcs, half circles, circles and even a “snaking” S design.

Here we have used 2 of our serpentine tables to create the S pattern for an elegant yet fun table that would be perfect for Valentines Day. We kept our table simple with the black linen then added in a bit of class with the henna table runner. We chose classic red to bring a pop of color to the table. Nothing says I love you and Happy Valentines day quite like red roses do so we placed some faux red roses into the teacups for a unique touch.

Our table setup includes:
8 Embassy Champagne Flutes
8 High Balls
8 White with Platinum Rim Cups
8 White with Platinum Rim Saucers
8 White with Platinum Rim 10” Dinner Plates
8 White with Platinum Rim 7” Salad/Dessert Plates
8 Silver Chargers
8 Accolade Dinner Forks
8 Accolade Dinner Knives
8 Accolade Teaspoons
8 White Resins Chairs
6’ Serpentine Tables
2 Black Polyester Serpentine Linens

Best wishes for a happy Valentines Day! Our customers are the heart of our business and we thank you for your continued loyalty and support. Don’t forget to take our relationship to the next level and Like us on FB!

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Roses, Linens, & Napkins


For this week’s table we decided to go all out with flowers and roses. We started the concept with just the beautiful rosette linen. Then we added in the crystal candelabra and realized it needed some color. That’s when the little flowers came into place. After adding in the china, glassware, and flatware we noticed that it still needed something to bring the plates and table all together. We then went to Pinterest and found an easy rose folded napkin DIY.


Like this look? Here is what we used:


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Garland Table


Lately many people have been using garlands for their big events. Garlands can make any simple table stand out and seem like there was a lot of effort put into it. It’s also an affordable alternative to floral arrangements. Garlands look really nice hanging on backdrops and tables and they even smell really good. Another plus is that they can last pretty long without going bad, meaning you can decorate around the house with them after the big day!

Here is how we set up our garland in our show room. We wanted to go for a fairy theme so we added a lantern and some lights.


Like this look? Here is what we used:


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Designer Profile: Marcy Blum

Marcy Blum began her career in the restaurant business before she discovered her talent in planning memorable events. She was so well in fact, that she was one of the first to cultivate the “event planning” vocation into a respectable career. Since 1986, she has been planning events tailored to the needs of her clients and providing services to ensure the best possible experiences for her hosts and their guests. She has planned events for Celebrities like Billy Joel, Kevin Bacon, and Colin Hanks, and has even appeared as a guest on The Today Show, Live with Regis and Kell, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Rocco’s Dinner Party, and the Natue Berkus Show.

Blum actively engages with her audience by providing daily talks, and discussions about the design processes of setting up one of her extravagant parties on her daily  Blog. Everything about her work is personalized, which is what makes each one of her projects so memorable, no matter the budget.

Fantasy Wedding

This event has a fantasy feel with the vibrant colors coming from the delicious horderves. The lighting adds ambiance and romance to a simple white lace theme. The splash of color suggests a fun environment for your guests to enjoy.

How can your next event look elegant yet personalized to your tastes?


Marcy Blum’s Twitter Facebook Blog

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