Garland Table


Lately many people have been using garlands for their big events. Garlands can make any simple table stand out and seem like there was a lot of effort put into it. It’s also an affordable alternative to floral arrangements. Garlands look really nice hanging on backdrops and tables and they even smell really good. Another plus is that they can last pretty long without going bad, meaning you can decorate around the house with them after the big day!

Here is how we set up our garland in our show room. We wanted to go for a fairy theme so we added a lantern and some lights.


Like this look? Here is what we used:


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Event Portfolio: Luau


Looking to throw a traditional Luau party? Want the theme of Hawaii at your next event? Look no further and check this out! We recently threw this fun Luau party decorated with vibrant tropical colors. The whole venue was transformed, and it even featured a delicious roasted pig.


Our products revamped the venue and turned our simple round tables (60″) into lively colors with canary yellow, fuchsia pink round linens (120″), and grass green napkins for a pop of color. Two tables (6′) displayed the main course and was adorned with a white drape linen and fun round lava joy linens (120″). The tops of the tables are adorned with small plant center pieces surrounded by simply white plates and embassy water goblets. Fruitwood folding chairs complement the tropical color scheme and fill the space.

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It’s Easy To Be Green

Are you a fan of gardens, do you dream of a wedding with expansive greenery and lush plant life? Look no further than Jo Gartin’s great wedding design! It modernizes  a beautiful garden wedding with clean simple lines and beautiful succulents. This would be an easy concept to do yourself or with the help of a local nursery to save money. After the wedding, the plants can be used in the bride’s garden or donated! Continue reading »

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