Fourth of July


Fourth of July is almost here. This is the time when many beaches, lakes, and other family friendly places get packed. Why not relax at home during this time and have a barbecue? There is no need to be dealing with a huge crowd and getting stuck in traffic just because you’re trying to get to that special place. Summer is the best time of the year to gather friends and family together over a delicious barbecue meal. We have the best equipment to have at your next barbecue including a barbecue that comes in 2′ by 3′ or 2′ by 5′. We also carry a wide selection of chairs and tables.


Like this look?
Here is what we used to get this simple look in our showroom:


We will be closed July 2-4

If you need rental items for this Holiday weekend make sure you come in before July 1st to reserve your items. Hope you all have a great 4th of July!

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Fun Pinwheel Table

Pinwheel TableToday is the first day of summer! We decided to celebrate this fun season here at American Event Rentals with a colorful pinwheel table. This table is really fun and affordable to do if you’re on a budget. All we did for the center pieces is buy flower pots, rocks and pinwheels from Dollar Tree, and put them all together. We didn’t spend more than $10 to make these 3 pinwheel pots.

Making the pinwheel napkins was a little tricky at first because there was one step that got confusing. We had to watch a tutorial by Amy Buchanan to finally get the hang of it.

Pinwheel NapkinsHow to get this look at American Event Rentals:

Pinwheel Napkin

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Stripes, Pink, & Gold

Stripe Whole Table

Many people have been really into Kate Spade designs. Crisp color, graphic prints and playful sophistication is what really makes her designs pop!

For this table our designer, Felicia, didn’t get inspired by Kate Spade. It wasn’t until afterwards that we noticed it that it did look like a Kate Spade inspired table. Felicia first started off with our striped table drape. Next she wanted to use something we already had here in the store for the decorations, that’s where the pink flower balls came in. Afterwards she chose gold as another accent color to bring in the whole table together and make it feel warm. The hot pink and the gold are what really made the striped table stand out!


How to get this look:

Striped Table Overview

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Choosing Colors for Your Event

Pink Lemonade
Sometimes picking colors for an event can be really tricky. You have to make sure the colors you choose compliment each other well and not clash and be too much for the eye. Usually complimentary colors, colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel work well. Analogous colors work well with each other as well, colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. So why not look around you and get inspiration from your surroundings? Use the season the event is in as inspiration to set the mood.

Here we got inspiration from many people’s favorite drink, pink lemonade! The colors here work well with each other because they are warm pastel colors. The magenta adds in a nice pop of color on the center piece and brings everything together.

Want to get this look?
Maize Polyester Table Runner
Pastel Pink Polyester Table Linen
White Polyester Napkins
Silver Charger Plates
10″ Simply White Dinner Plate
Sheer Rim Refined Water Goblet
Embassy Champagne
White Resin Folding Chair
36″ Round Table

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Margarita Time

margaritas_blogYou don’t have to leave your sparkling pool behind for a great Margarita this summer! Our Margarita machine makes any event a very relaxing one. The best way to fight the three digit weather is by sitting back and sipping on some delicious Margaritas.

Gather around the pool and drink some refreshing Margaritas. Choose from Margarita mix or scrumptious Strawberry. If you are having a lot of people over grab our double Margarita machine! Adding alcohol isn’t the only way to use this machine. Our Strawberry mix creates delicious slushies in this machine that are ideal for everyone.  It’s perfect for large outdoor events! Complete your event by staying out of the sun with our tents and tent fans! Our tent fans hang on the top inside of the tent so they don’t get in the way of your guests.

Our Margarita machines, tents and tent fans are perfect for any event this summer!

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Barbecue Burgers

bbq_blogJuly 4th is just a few weeks away but barbecue season is already here! According to the US Census Bureau, over 81 million Americans took part in a barbecue during 2011. The Fourth of July is one of the most active days for barbecues in the United States! Have a barbecue to celebrate birthdays, graduations or even for buying those sunglasses that you have wanted for so long.
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Cool down with Snow Cones!

snokones_blogThe temperature is rising which means summer is right around the corner! Cool down with our amazing SnoKones machine! There are many ways to beat the heat but the most delicious way is by having a mouth watering snow cone.  Make all of the snow cones you want this summer and stay refreshed with this machine. It’s a perfect addition to any child’s birthday party! Having a backyard party?
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